HBD America: Pinterest vs. Reality

I would love to get a little patriotic and host a party here in Dubai for the 4th. In my Pinterest dreams, said party would look something like this:

Pinterest 4th

Adorable patriotic party foods! Find recipe links here.

Then I remembered anyone I know who would really appreciate such details doesn’t live here, and I’d be hosting primarily former military dudes. Let’s be real, it would probably look more like this:

Real 4th

Which is also fun…

Also, am I really going to cut fruit into star shapes? How long does it actually take to make triple layer jello shots? Where would I even find blue sprinkles around here? If you are more ambitious than I am this holiday weekend and want to find the how-to’s for all that really cute stuff, check out my “Happy Birthday America” Pinterest board and please let me know if you try one!

Even if we just have a party of two and a few American beers, I’m still planning to wear my patriotic striped sailor shorts. Happy Birthday, America!