Taste the Rainbow: Salad Edition

One of the prettiest aspects of cooking (or in this case, food prepping) is the mingling of colorful ingredients. It also helps to know that the more vibrant produce you have going on, the healthier your meal will be. After a holiday weekend, we could all use a renewal of our commitment to eating healthy stuff for a bit, yes? Combine that with my OCD preference for things arranged by color, and you’ll see why I was immediately attracted this seven layer salad on Pinterest.

Rainbow Salad

Pinterest vs. Reality: Rainbow Salad

The list of ingredients sent me on quite the mission through Carrefour, a gigantic French grocery chain that’s located in – where else? – an even gigantic-er mall. Once I ditched the olives (I have an aversion) and decided I wanted to add cucumbers and spinach, I had a list of 11 produce items to locate in the desert. I was surprisingly successful thanks to the impressive selection of imports from places like Oman, Kenya, Australia, and the Netherlands. The fresh herbs were a little wilted, but they existed. To be fair, it’s 109 plus humidity…I’m a little wilted too.


No shortage of produce here.

The only things I just couldn’t find were black beans. You would think a dry or canned item would be the easiest on the list. I ended up subbing a different dark-colored bean for the whole rainbow effect, but it’s hard to beat that winning combo of corn, avocado and black beans. Salad wasn’t ruined, but would be even better with all the right goods.

Due to the aforementioned OCD tendencies, my version was put in the correct color order. So I’m calling it Rainbow Salad instead of seven nine layer salad.

Rainbow Salad Closeup

This is the kind of pretty I’m all about.

The creamy salad dressing kicks it up a notch, and I’m a fan of the Greek yogurt sub for mayo. I was skeptical about the salsa, but that’s because I was so excited about gathering the produce that I kinda skimmed the rest of the recipe, which requires the use of a blender. Blended up salsa mixture does sound like a more promising dressing consistency than whisked up salsa mixture (which is how I have previously made dressings). However, let this be a lesson about reading the instructions before committing to making something, so you aren’t like me 90% through the process – oh snap, I need a blender for this??

All told, it was fun to put together, pretty, healthy, tasty, and satisfying. The man (understandably) thought I was crazy for the whole rainbow thing, but he liked eating it. Find the original recipe and instructions on SoupAddict. Keep the dressing separate and you’ll have good leftovers for a few days, this is a very large salad! Make it your own with whichever greens and veggies you like. You can’t mess up. Unless you forget your rainbow colors. ROYGBP people.


3 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow: Salad Edition

  1. Rainbow Salad! I love the name alone. Not to mention it is beautiful. This is a great post. Who knew black beans couldn’t be found at Carrefour? Who knew gigantic-er was a word? Can I play that in Scrabble?


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